Societal Challenges: Invitation to Guest Lectures (Educational activity)

Wednesday 21 September 2022 until Wednesday 12 October 2022Add to my calendar
17:30 to 19:15
EOS N 01.630
Dr Sascha Füllbrunn

How do economists address societal challenges? That is the question Dr Sascha Füllbrunn and team want to discuss in the brand-new course „Societal Challenges in Economics“ all students from the Master’s programme in Economics will take. Together with Dr Daniel Reimsbach, Prof. Stefan Zeisberger, Dr Jan Schmitz, and Prof. Robbert Maseland, he will address societal challenges exemplified by the Sustainable Development Goals from an economist’s perspective (including ac-counting and finance perspectives). In addition, they will elaborate on how digital transformation might help to find solutions for those societal challenges.

Alongside that course, Sascha organised several ‚satellite‘ guest lectures relevant to the course. These lectures should help to provide additional perspectives for the students. These perspecti-ves might be interesting for all of us. Hence, he would like to invite all interested faculty members to attend the following guest lectures. They all take place in EOS N 01.630 from 17:30 to about 19:15.

Dr Bjorn Robroek (Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology)
Biodiversity: nature’s stock market
Sep 21

Prof. Andrea Herrmann (Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
Sustainable Work and the Gig Economy
Sep 28

Dr Juliette Alenda-Demoutiez (hotspot TransACT)
Transformative sustainable change in Action
Oct 5

Prof. Alan Sanfey (Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging)
Individual choice and public policy: Insights from Decision Neuroscience
Oct 11

Prof. Wolter Pieters (Work and Organisational Psychology, Interdisc. Hub for Digitalization and Soci-ety)
The Economics of Cybersecurity
Oct 12

Dr Sascha Füllbrunn