Climate Vulnerability Forum publishes climate monitor Global Data Lab

Date of news: 10 November 2022

The Climate Vulnerability Forum (CVF) published the Global Data Lab's Climate Vulnerability Monitor on Thursday 10 November. Within this climate monitor, researchers gain insight into climate data and social data from developing countries and can gain an idea of ​​the extent to which developing countries are vulnerable to climate change. The Global Data Lab has developed the monitor together with three German climate organizations.

The most important contribution of the Global Data Lab is the vulnerability index. This index provides an overall picture of the socio-economic challenges countries face in terms of economic growth and poverty, education, health, gender inequality, governance, demographics, and access to basic infrastructure. According to Jeroen Smits, professor of Economic and Human Development at Radboud University and founder of the Global Data Lab, it is important that researchers not only look at climate data, such as the increase in temperature or the amount of precipitation but also make connections with data about people who live in the region. So that policymakers can make more targeted policies in the field of climate change.

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