Seven new honorary doctorates at Radboud University, Stella Nkomo receives an honorary doctorate on behalf of Nijmegen School of Management

Date of news: 11 January 2023

In honour of its centenary, Radboud University will award seven honorary doctorates in 2023. Stella Nkomo receives an honorary doctorate on behalf of Nijmegen School of Management. The other recipients are Michael Sandel, Mary Beckman, Geert Corstens, Fabiola Gianotti, Marc Van Ranst and Sandra Graham. Six honorary doctorates will be awarded during the annual Dies Natalis celebration on 17 October 2023 and Michael Sandel will receive his honorary doctorate on 9 May.

Normally, Radboud University awards one or more honorary doctorates its annual Dies Natalis anniversary celebration. However, with the university celebrating its centenary in 2023, each of the seven faculties will have the opportunity to issue its own honorary doctorate.

The recipients were chosen with an eye towards the university’s anniversary theme of making a difference. Each of the honorary doctorates have made efforts to improve their field and make the world a better place. In doing so, they serve as important role models for others within and outside their fields.

Stella Nkomo, Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Pretoria

Stella Nkomo is American, but has lived and worked in South Africa for many years, where she makes an important contribution to the development of education and research, students and researchers who want to make scientific and social contributions to reducing inequality, especially in the field of race and gender. Nkomo has dedicated her professional life to combating racism and gender inequality in the context of management and organisations. Her plea for a new paradigm for diversity and inclusion aligns perfectly with Radboud University's 'Significant Impact' strategy. She draws attention to the exclusion of marginalised groups within the dominant currents of management and organisational studies. Nkomo is an inspiring author and an eloquent speaker on sensitive topics such as racial justice and the impact of a colonial past on today's workplace.She is considered an authority on issues of race, racism, gender and class in management and organisations. For decades, her work on leadership, HRM, organisational change, diversity, colonial relations and racism has found its way into leading journals on management and organisational studies.

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