Study of the viability of business models in the creative industry

Date of news: 26 November 2019

Armand Smits and Rick Aalbers are going to study guidelines for viable business models in the creative industry. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to remain both creatively and economically viable. The KIEM (Knowledge Information Mapping) programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded the researchers a grant for their study.

Creative industrySmits en Aalbers

In many creative sectors, business models are developed for projects in which several parties participate. The researchers want to study how these business models could be better developed by examining the complex interactions among the various parts of a business model from a holistic perspective.

New approach

Aalbers and Smits use a new approach in their research: ‘Qualitative Comparative Analysis’. This approach makes it easier to recognise how the components of a business model fit together (complementarity). An existing dataset of more than 120 architect companies forms the basis for the first analysis. Together with partners, the results of this analysis will be further defined and tested. The objective is to draw up guidelines based on the results of this analysis, facilitating the development of new, viable business models by the creative industry.