NSM Focus | Luc Spronk, chair of Synergy: "Live is more fun, but it’s going surprisingly well"

Date of news: 10 February 2021

Luc Spronk is a fourth-year student of International Business Administration and chair of Synergy, the study association for Business Administration, Business Economics, International Business Administration and Law & Management. How are he and the association doing, with a coronavirus semester behind him and an upcoming anniversary?

“Naturally, I had not envisioned my year in office to coincide with the coronavirus crisis. In normal times, we can sit together as a group in our board room; now we text, phone and email a lot. That makes it harder for me to keep track of things: who is doing what, what is the state of affairs? The board room is also a meeting place where people drop in between lectures for a chat or to ask a question. I really miss that.”

Learning experience

“Synergie has 2,300 members, 120 of whom are active. They are members of one of our 21 committees – Career, International, Personal Development, PR, Sport, ... – and they organise a variety of activities and events throughout the year. We were able to organise a few hybrid activities at the start of this academic year, but then everything had to go completely online again. That's a pity of course, but, at the same time, this period has been an enormous learning experience. Before March last year, we had never organised an online event and now look at our calendar! We had to rethink all our activities and put them in a virtual format: drinks parties, workshops, presentations, network meetings, career events and even company visits. Live is more fun, but it’s going surprisingly well.”

Groups of friends

“Synergy – and every other study association – fulfils a meaningful role for students and alumni. We are part of university bodies where we represent the interests of students. For example, online teaching and interim examinations are now urgent topics on which we have a say. We also have an important social function. Entire groups of friends form among us, and together the members create a large and valuable network. Quite a few students find an internship or job through Synergy, also thanks to our business network.”

For alumni

“On 19 January, we held an online New Year’s reception for alumni and employees of the university. About 90 people participated, which was a nice turnout. What I like about such an event is that you get an idea of the variety of people who are connected to the faculty and where they end up. We also always call upon alumni to get in touch if they want to tell us about their work, if they have an interesting internship to offer or if they would like to advise students about their future careers. On the other hand, I would now like to emphasise to alumni that Synergy is also there for them. If you have lost your job because of the coronavirus crisis, for example, take a look at the vacancies on our website and sign up for our career events.”


“Synergy will celebrate its 30th anniversary in May. For a fortnight, we will be organising all kinds of festive activities to mark the occasion with students, alumni, and employees from the university and the companies with whom we work. There will be a drinks party, a fancy dinner and a grand gala for 350 guests. It’s difficult that, because of the coronavirus, we don’t yet know what will and will not be possible by that time, but we’ve become quite flexible and creative. Either way, we’ll make it a celebration. Keep an eye on your mailbox for all the announcements and invitations!”

For more information, please visit the website of Synergy.