NSM Focus | New dean of the Nijmegen School of Management: An introductory meeting with Tom Elfring

Date of news: 8 October 2020

As of 1 October, the Nijmegen School of Management has a new dean: Tom Elfring is a professor and director with a great deal of expertise and international experience. An initial introduction.

“My Nijmegen network isn't that large yet, but I’ve heard great things about the school and university. I remember the city from when my wife's parents lived there. Nice cafes and restaurants. And I’ve even been running in the polder.”

Elfring is enthusiastic about his new challenge and is looking forward to getting to know his new colleagues. “Who's who? Who's doing what? How is the comradery? What are our plans and opportunities? These conversations, and then those with alumni, entrepreneurs, administrators and other stakeholders from the school, are the key to me being able to carry out my assignment properly.” This assignment consists of four interrelated parts: internationalisation, accreditation, reinforcement of research and profiling, or ‘our face to the world’.

Nijmegen among the heavyweights

Obtaining EQUIS accreditation – a quality seal that marks out the best business schools in the world – is a priority. “In Liverpool, I experienced first-hand that there’s a lot involved here. And I know that not everyone is keen on it, but this attribution – in addition to the AASCB accreditation we already have – significantly strengthens our competitive position. Business Management in Nijmegen is highly regarded and deserves to claim its place among the business school heavyweights.”

Elfring would like to see a larger population coming to Nijmegen from all over the world, also to learn from their best practices. “The more backgrounds in the lecture halls, the more perspectives and opinions you get that differ from yours. That enriches your knowledge, broadens your view and fits perfectly with our school’s profile.”

A more extensive interview with Dean Tom Elfring will be published in the printed edition of FM Focus, which will appear in November.