NSM Focus | Fake Democracy (lecture by philosopher Evert van der Zweerde and political scientist Gerry van der Kamp )

On Thursday 6 September 2018, political philosopher Evert van der Zweerde and political scientist Gerry van der Kamp will give a lecture about Fake Democracy (the lecture will be held in Dutch).

Has democracy run its course? Is there really such a thing as “true” democracy? Join and learn more from philosopher Evert van der Zweerde and political scientist Gerry van der Kamp about the situations in Turkey, Russia, and the United States. What do the developments in these countries say about the way in which we handle feelings of powerlessness, distrust, and “the will of the people”? Are we dealing with “fake democracy” here?

Democracy has long been viewed as the obvious ideal for the best possible type of government. The concept was developed in the West, but it was only a matter of time before democracy, a form of government for “the people”, would be implemented across the rest of the world, or at least that is what was assumed.

An outdated idea
This idea has since been shown to be outdated: budding democracies have hardly spread throughout all corners of the world. Furthermore, we are seeing that various countries, which had once been or had almost been democracies are experiencing a new development: the fake democracy. The term is often used with varying degrees of actual relevance and can have both positive and negative connotations.

Up to interpretation
What exactly is a fake democracy? How is it possible that everyone seems to interpret it in their own way? The perception of what constitutes democracy tends to shift and may result in a greater willingness to consider what political system we actually want. On the other hand, fake democracy can also undermine the notion of democracy or serve as a prelude to an authoritarian government.

After their brief lectures, Gerry van der Kamp and Evert van der Zweerde will engage in a discussion based on news stories.

About the speakers
Evert van der Zweerde
 is Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at Radboud University. His research focuses on themes such as ideology, civil society, and democracy.

Gerry van der Kamp is an International Relations lecturer at Radboud University. She conducts research into the question of how standards and preferences of nations influence their foreign policy.

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