NSM Focus | Inspiration and connection during the Midsummer Marketing Meeting

“It’s pretty incredible to be here again”, says Cris Geelen, “I graduated 15 years ago and I even live in Nijmegen, but I have actually never come here”. The Midsummer Marketing Meeting has changed that. This event for alumni of the Marketing Master’s specialisation in the Business Administration degree programme was held on 27 June. The alumni were invited by the lecturers from the marketing group.

Sometimes, a great deal of unbelievably interesting things happen after graduation. At the same time, people often find that they are not yet done learning after their studies have ended. “Sharing knowledge and experience is the foundation of this gathering”, says Nanne Migchels, who organised the evening. “Radboud University is a research institution by name, but relationships must be continuously developed in order to share knowledge with more people.” The immediate motivation for this evening was the end of the first edition of the Alumni-Coach Program. This programme is intended to encourage contact between Master’s students and alumni with experience in the labour market and allow them to learn from each other. In the upcoming academic year, the programme will definitely continue.

In his presentation, Nanne Migchels addressed the developments in the field in recent years. Several significant themes for the future were also discussed. Currently, every organisation has to interact with a diverse range of stakeholders. In turn, marketing is developing into the management of relationships with stakeholders. Clients are an important group among these stakeholders, but are certainly not the only group. Another theme is how organisations can better understand their target group. On the one hand, the information lies in the analysis of the enormous streams of data that are currently available, while on the other, it relies on appreciating the unconscious and irrational way that people make decisions. Afterwards, marketing students presented insights which they gained from their research. Donna Kuijten discussed the impact of negative emotions and the availability of food on emotional eating. Eleonora Panzuto presented a study into how impressions of a museum visit influence the type of recommendations that are made.

The informal gathering afterwards was a great opportunity to share experiences: working hard in the study and resource centre, free printing in the Faculty of Medicine, etc. There were also practical discussions: how do you invite the king to the anniversary of your business? And if he comes, what kind of fuss does that entail? Nanne Migchels looks back on the evening fondly and feels that it is especially important to strengthen the connections that have already been made. There will be another gathering at the end of June 2019.

As a Marketing alumni, would you like to contribute to the Alumni-Coach Program or would you like more information about the Midsummer Marketing Meeting? If so, please contact Dr Nanne Migchels,,  +31 24 3611613.