Radboud Management Academy

The Radboud Management Academy (RMa) is a centre of academic expertise where managers, professionals and researchers engage in a dialogue about the changes and challenges our society is confronted with. In this changing environment, the role of managers and professionals in organizations and institutions becomes ever more important. Participants in our programmes discuss the increasingly complex problems they face, and look for solutions for those problems from multiple perspectives.

Dialogue between academics and practitioners
Our goal is to help managers shape organizations and institutions that contribute to solutions for the challenges facing society today. Our programmes teach participants to better diagnose and identify problems and to develop effective solution strategies. Participants develop a multi-perspective approach and learn to tackle issues from a variety of different perspectives. Our programmes allow participants to discuss case studies from their own professional practice and learn from each other’s cases Strengthening participants’ problem-solving skills is another key focus area of the RMa.

Variety of study formulas
The RMa offers a variety of short and long-term programmes. These may take the form of an academic Master of Science, a post-masters programme or other course offerings. Your company can also apply for a programme tailored to your specific purposes. The programmes fully reflect current practices in the field. We continuously work on developing new programmes that respond to current social issues.

We draw on a pool of over 50 professors and lecturers with extensive experience in research and practice. They are committed using recent insights from high-quality research in our educational programmes.

Network of Alumni
The RMa has served as the business school for the Nijmegen School of Management since 1991. As such, we have a strong network of over 1500 alumni with whom we maintain close contact.

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