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  • All exams have to be taken at Radboud University. Students are expected to stay until after the exams. If you have a resit exam after the official end of your stay please contact IMO.
  • You will automatically be registered for the exam (1st attempt). However, if you need to take a resit exam (2nd attempt) you will have to submit a request for registration.
  • Having an exam listed in your personal schedule does not mean you are registered for the resit exam.
  • If you are not registered for an exam you will not be admitted to the exam.
  • Always take your ID and Student card with you for your exams.
  • Exam dates can be found in the course schedules.
  • Check the schedules of the exams multiple times. There could be adjustments and you do not want to miss an exam because you are at the wrong place.
  • Exams at the same time: If you have two or more exams at the same time you can apply for a special arrangement. Please check this website for instructions and deadlines.
  • To know more about the NSM grading system click here.

Resit exams at Radboud University

  • If you need to take a resit exam (2nd attempt) you need be registered by IMO. Notify the IMO at least 2 weeks before the resit exam is scheduled via the form below.
  • The IMO can register you until 5 working days before the exam, therefore check at least a week before the exam in OSIRIS if you a registered successfully.
  • All regulations for 1st attempt exams apply also for resits.

Resit registration form (for exchange students only)