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Application Procedure Outline

Application procedure

You will receive a login and password for the online application in Osiris Application; you can log in to your application on this page. After you have logged in you will have to submit your application details. Once you submit your application, you will receive confirmation by email of the details you have filled out. After Radboud International has checked your details, you will receive an invitation by email to start uploading your application documents (this may take a few days). You will then have to upload all the necessary application documents in your online application and submit them to Radboud International

Submitting your application

  • It is important to submit as many application documents at the same time as possible. You won’t be able to add any other documents after you have submitted until after Radboud International has reviewed them. Please upload all necessary forms in your application before the deadline of 23 May (1st semester) or 23 November (2nd semester). A complete set of forms includes the application documents which are described on this page.
  • Radboud International will contact you and support you, e.g. in requesting a Visa and in arranging accommodation.
  • IMO (the International Mobility Office of NSM) will request you to submit a Learning Agreement. You use this document to provide us with the selection of courses (maximum of five courses) of  you want to study with us.
  • IMO will have your Learning Agreement assessed by the Examining Board and will let you know if your choice was approved.
    • If you have approval, you will be registered for the courses and exams by IMO.
    • If not, you will have to submit a revised Learning Agreement with a different selection of courses.
  • If, after an approved Learning Agreement, you need to change your choice of subjects, you need to submit a Change Form. This document is an addendum to your Learning Agreement and is used to, as the name says, change your approved Learning Agreement because, for instance, your home university will not give you equivalence on a certain course, or because there is an overlap of the schedules. A Change Form also requires assessment and approval from the Examining Board before you can be registered for the new courses.