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Green city

The city of Nijmegen is well known for being a green city, with many parks and forests, a nearby lake for watersports, plus the well-loved beaches along the river Waal for recreation.

Some time ago our student magazine Vox selected Nijmegen's top spots to go outside. Here they are:

#1 Waal beach: The Copacabana pales by comparison. Nijmegen’s numerous Waal beaches offer weary students a unique opportunity to cool down in the river or relax in the sun. Disclaimer: swimming in the Waal is forbidden (although everyone does it anyway). And: Do clean up after yourself when you leave!

Nijmegen beach

#2 Kronenburger Park: It’s no surprise that Frank Boeijen dedicated a song to this park, one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. With a view on the mediaeval ramparts and Kruit Tower, and surrounded by a mass of green, the Kronenburger Park is a wonderful place to be.

Fall in Nijmegen

#3 De Kaaij: It may officially be called a cultural terrace, but De Kaaij has by now grown into true Nijmegen cultural heritage. From June to September this terrace under the Waal Bridge gives lounging a new dimension, with its benches, beer and gorgeous view. Great to combine with a visit to a Waal beach!

De Kaaij

#4 Goffert Park: In the shadow of the ‘football temple’ of NEC (known as Bloedkuul) lies the Goffert Park, a long stretch of greenery that viewed from the right angle is vaguely reminiscent of Central Park, New York. A great place for a barbecue, some sports or simply enjoying the sunshine. Also, well-known artists frequently perform here.

Goffert Park

#5 Valkhof Park: A fierce competitor of the Kronenburger Park, the Valkhof Park is where Charlemagne built his mediaeval castle. The ancient ruins and high trees give the park its near mythic character. The views are phenomenal.

Valkhof Park