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Extra financial support Erasmus grants: Erasmus+ Top-Up for study exchange in Europe

Date of news: 18 March 2021

At Radboud University we believe that an international exchange should be accessible to every student. Therefore, from the academic year 2021/22 onward, we offer the Erasmus+ Top-Up to students who need some extra financial support for a study exchange due to specific circumstances.

The Erasmus+ Top-Up is a supplementary grant of an extra €6 per day which will be added to the regular Erasmus+ grant. The Top-Up is currently only available for study exchanges, as work placement exchanges already receive a higher Erasmus+ grant. Also, the Top-Up is only available for study exchanges within Europe.

Which students are eligible for the Erasmus+ Top-Up?

The following students can apply for the Erasmus+ Top-Up grant:

  • students with a refugee background
  • students with a physical disability which requires them to incur extra costs for/during a stay abroad
  • students from families with a lower basic income

More information about the criteria and application procedure can be found here.