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University of Exeter

Exeter - United Kingdom

Available places: 4 (shared between Business and Economics)

Level: Bachelor
Language of instruction: English
University code: UK EXETER01
Additional comments: Language requirements: Students who are not nationals of a majority English-speaking country must provide evidence that they have the required level of English to study at Exeter.  Unless a student is required to or chooses to apply for the Student Visa (previously known as Tier 4), Exeter can accept confirmation from partner universities that their nominated student/s has the required level of English.  A student who applies for the Student Visa must submit a valid, official English language qualification:
Undergraduate study:  https://www.exeter.ac.uk/undergraduate/entryrequirements/englishlanguage/

Postgraduate study:  https://www.exeter.ac.uk/postgraduate/entryrequirements/englishlanguagerequirements/

Member of the AACSB

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