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About us

The Institute for Management Research (IMR) is the research institute of the Nijmegen School of Management. Our researchers carry out state-of-the-art research into complex problems of governance and management, in order to explain the causes of these problems, and to use that knowledge to create potential solutions. We combine knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines with collaboration with societal relevant actors. Our motto is 'Responsible Governance for Sustainable Societies'.

Typical topics under study at the IMR are:

  • the implementation of policies by businesses and governments;
  • the decision-making by businesses about relocation;
  • how to manage the marketization of a particular innovation;
  • the future development of the city;
  • the decentralization of care tasks to local governments;
  • the impact of international events and decisions by the EU.

In addition, topics like sustainability, the environment, circular economy, and mobility can be found at IMR, as well as research on innovation and entrepreneurship, and on gender issues.

The annual achievements in research of the IMR can be found in the Research Reports.