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Our mission and societal relevance

Society is currently facing a number of complex challenges, some of which are threatening our future existence: climate change, population growth and/or ageing, and increased (inter)-national political and economic tensions, to name but a few.


At the Institute for Management Research (IMR), our mission is to study how governments, business, and other organizations can and do choose responsible ways to govern or manage these complex problems in order to find future-proof societal solutions. This is expressed in our motto: Responsible Governance For Sustainable Societies.

The IMR hosts researchers from business administration, economics and business economics, political science, public administration, geography, planning and environmental sciences. This multidisciplinary approach leads to better results, both in terms of knowledge and practical solutions.

Societal relevance

Societal relevance is increasingly about the proven ability of research to have an impact, rather than ‘just’ conducting or disseminating research in cooperation with societal partners. Ongoing cooperation with societal actors is a precondition for impact and takes on many different forms. Writing professional publications and reports is an obvious way to bring knowledge to practice. IMR researchers often move beyond that by maintaining regular contacts with key persons in business, governments and other public and private organizations. In so doing, IMR researchers also obtain knowledge from practice as input for new research.