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Scientific Advisory Committee

An independent body safeguarding IMR's high academic standards

The quality, integrity and high academic standards of IMR research are guaranteed by the work of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). This independent body is made up of representatives from each of the disciplines at the Nijmegen School of Management and reports directly to the Faculty Board.

A dual role of strategic advice and academic assessment

With its overview of all past and current research projects, the SAC has two major tasks which ensure continuity and academic excellence at IMR:

  1. Advising the Faculty Board, on request or proactively, on strategic issues regarding the development of the IMR, including setting publication strategy.
  2. Assessing and evaluating the progress of each individual doctoral candidate with a position within the IMR and advising on the continuation or termination of the project.

Members of IMR's Scientific Advisory Committee


For more information you can contact IMR Management Assistant Mrs Anneke Verbogt (minutes secretary). Additional information on the work and procedures of the SAC can be found on our intranet.