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The full text of these and other recommendations on faculty scientific policy are available through Intranet

Advice about data management policy

In March 2018 the Scientific Advisory Committee gave advice regarding the Research Data Management policy of the Institute for Management Research. The SAC recommends clearly identifying the problem to be solved with data management policy. It recommends the faculty board to define the scope of data management policy in a restrictive and realistic way. The SAC notes the huge size of present data management plans and recommends reducing the form and the connected bureaucratic exercise to the minimum required. The SAC recommends that data management policy provides room for different research traditions and paradigms and allow for transparency of the research process to replace privacy considerations when applicable. Moreover, it recommends to restrict the responsibility of researcher and lecturers to funded projects in which they are the principal investigator and to be flexible and realistic in defining conditions for data storage.

Unsolicited advice about evaluation of research Hot Spots

In November 2017 the Scientific Advisory provided the faculty board with unsolicited advice about the criteria for evaluation of the IMR research Hot Spots, most of which were then four years in place. Regarding the criteria for existing hotspots, the SAC thinks they should be consistent with the process leading to the establishment of the Hot Spots in 2012. Existing hotspots should be evaluated according to 1) their societal relevance; 2)  critical mass in terms of academic staff (8 FTE of IMR research capacity) 3) substantial external financing and 4) the self-developed Hot Spot-specific aims and objectives. For continuation of hotspots or assessment of new hotspots the SAC suggests the following criteria 1)  societal and academic relevance; 2) multidisciplinarity of the group; 3) the felt need of researchers from different disciplines to meet, discuss work, and collaborate with each other. Finally, to support future evaluation of Hot Spots, the SAC recommend the formulation of clear goals and accompanying evaluation criteria at the beginning of the evaluation period.