IMR Labs

Decision-making is a central topic in the research and education of the Institute for Management Research (IMR). The IMR has therefore labs to study decision-making under experimental conditions, to provide tools for supporting complex decision processes, and to offer excellent training facilities for students. Three lab facilities are available; these can be used both within the RU and on location (mobile version).

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Here you can register as a participant at the Individual Decision (ID) lab for both laboratory experiments and internet experiments. Participants receive compensation for their participation in the experiments.
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IMR Labs

Individual Decision lab

The Individual Decision lab provides an excellent environment for doing experiments related to negotiation and individual choices within socio-economic fields.

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Group Decision lab

The Group Decision lab is well-suited for supporting collective decision-making processes. It offers computer-assisted facilities for brainstorming and for supporting companies and organizations in taking complex decisions with, for example, Group Model Building.

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The Maplab can be used to visualize complex planning- and design-issues (using a so-called MapTable) and, as such, provide better insight into which choices to be made.

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The IMR Labs are located in the basement of the Elinor Ostrombuilding (EOS), Heyendaalseweg 141 in Nijmegen. You can find the labs in the following rooms:

Group Decision lab: EOS N -1.510
Individual Decision lab: EOS N -1.545
Maplab: EOS N -1.505

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