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In order to carry out its review, the Committee requires relevant information, which is different depending on the nature of your review request (e.g. for a proposal, for a publication, etc.). We have developed a decision tree to help you put together an application form (docx, 26 kB) with this information. Choosing the relevant options outlined in the decision tree will generate an application form suitable for your needs. Please submit the filled in application form by email to the secretariat of the EACLM, at EACLM@ru.nl.

Your request will first be assessed by the administrative secretary for its admissibility and completeness. You will receive a notification of receipt within four (4) working days.

If the required application conditions are met, your request will be discussed during the next (electronic) meeting of the EACLM. The next meeting of the committee in 2023 will be held on 13 June 2023.

The secretary will send an e-mail with the Committee’s advice within four (4) working days after your proposal has been reviewed by the EACLM. A written opinion on the ethical feasibility of the research will be received within fifteen (15) working days of the EACLM meeting.

Research that falls under the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO) must be submitted to an accredited medical research ethics committee or to the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO). You may contact them in case of questions.