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Research participants and research data

People who might be enrolled as participants in a research study must first be told about the details of the study. If they then agree to participate, they give their informed consent.

The researcher must tell the participants what they need to know about the study, including its goals and benefits and the risks (if any) to which participants will be exposed.

Participants will usually sign an informed consent form to show that they have had the research explained to them and that they agree to participate.

The integrity of research depends on integrity in all aspects of data management, including the collection, use, and sharing of data. Research data management plays an important role in your work as a researcher. A growing number of funding agencies have set strict conditions with respect to the management of research data. A data management plan helps you to make conscious and consistent decisions about your research data.

Expert Centre Research Data assists researchers when storing, sharing and reusing research data. This service is an initiative of the Radboud University and forms part of the University Library. More information can be found here or you may contact the Expert Centre Research Data directly.