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Joint Doctorate PhD candidates

Joint Doctorate PhD candidates (JD) are candidates who obtain one PhD diploma from two (or more) universities. These universities work together to ensure the training of the PhD candidate and the preparations necessary for the doctorate.

The legal, financial, and research agreements made between the partner universities vary from case to case. In order to ensure the good development of the JD PhD trajectory in question, these agreements are recorded in a formal JD cooperation agreement between representatives of the partner universities (a model JD agreement for Radboud University can be found here.

According to Radboud University’s joint doctorate (JD) regulations, as well as the Nijmegen School of Management’s policies regarding JD regulations, the formal JD cooperation agreement, approved by the RU’s SOO and signed by the partner universities’ Rectors should be finalized:

  • For internal PhD candidates: Before the start of their employment contract;

  • For external PhD candidates: By the end of the first year of their PhD trajectory.

Drafting the formal JD cooperation agreement is the responsibility of the JD supervisors.

Checklist for preliminary JD agreements

In order to facilitate the early stages of this process, to ensure that supervisors consider all the key decisions to be made regarding the JD in due time, and to collect all of these (as yet informal) decisions in a central document, the IMR has drafted a checklist for preliminary JD agreements which can be found here (docx, 45 kB).

JD supervisors are encouraged to fill it in and then submit it for advice to Paul Mans, the secretary of the Faculty Board, at paul.mans@ru.nl. After this step, drafting the formal JD cooperation agreement can proceed in a more straightforward way.

JD Flowchart: Steps to follow in the case of JD PhD trajectories

Filling in the checklist for preliminary JD agreements and contacting the secretary of the Faculty Board for advice regarding them are the first steps to follow in the case of JD PhD trajectories.

However, there are multiple other steps involved between this starting point and the actual start of the JD PhD candidate’s research project, with multiple parties involved.

In order to provide a clear overview of these steps, the key contact persons involved, and their responsibilities, the IMR has drafted a flowchart for JD PhD trajectories, which can be found here (pdf, 142 kB).

JD supervisors and other relevant parties are encouraged to download this flowchart and familiarize themselves with the steps that need to be followed in order to select, admit, and prepare the start of JD PhD trajectories.