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IMR PhD Council

About the IMR PhD Council

The IMR PhD Council is the organization that represents all PhD candidates at the Institute for Management Research (IMR). The goal of the IMR PhD council is to  promote the interests of all PhD candidates (internal/external) working at the IMR of the Nijmegen School of Management. Additionally, the council strives to build a thriving community of doctoral students by organizing formal and informal meetings and events to enrich the PhD experience.

Current IMR PhD Council Representatives

The current PhD council, that serves a 2-year tenure between 2022-2024, consists of the following four representatives: Wouter van Zwol (Business Administration), Gisela Otto (Business Administration), Daniel Waters (Economics and Business Economics), Onno Giller (Geography, Planning and Environment) and Gijs Hablous (Public Administration and Political Science).

Core Functions

The IMR PhD Council actively performs four core functions. First, the council offers consultations with, and makes recommendations to, the head of the doctoral school regarding all matters relating to the programme and the supervision of PhD candidates at the institute. Second, the council advises the Faculty Board and Scientific Advisory Committee, the PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON). The PhD council may give advice to any of these bodies and institutes on its own initiative or on request. Third, the council signals and discusses PhD problems, proposes solutions, and functions as a bottom-up channel that mediates the voices of PhD candidates towards the Doctoral School, Faculty Management, and the University in general. Fourth, the council facilitates a social forum for PhD candidates for both formal and informal activities.


The IMR PhD Council conducts surveys, which it uses along with ‘town hall’ meetings and written feedback from PhD Candidates to publish the “IMR PhD Candidate Barometer”. The goal of the survey is to identify issues facing PhD Candidates, and assess known issues, while the barometer outlines the results of the survey and provides policy advice, primarily to the Doctoral School and Faculty Board, in the interest of improving the quality of experience of Radboud PhD Candidates.

Main events

The IMR PhD Council organizes formal events such as workshops and classes ranging from research methods and writing classes to science communication and work-life balance assistance. While formal in nature, these events present an excellent opportunity for PhD candidates to interact frequently. Also, the council regularly organizes IMR Cohort Meetings for candidates in a later stage of their research, based on relevant topics or problems PhD candidates encounter. Furthermore, the council organizes informal events such as monthly after work drinks or lunch gatherings. All IMR PhD candidates will be updated on all upcoming events.

If you are an IMR PhD Candidate and have a suggestion for an event, please contact us.

How to stay in touch

Anyone can contact us at phdcouncil@fm.ru.nl.

We have a WhatsApp group for all IMR PhD candidates to stay in touch (please contact us to be added). IMR PhD candidates can also approach any PhD Council representatives directly. We encourage all IMR PhD candidates to share their thoughts and ideas with us.

External parties should not hesitate to contact us for special events, expertise, or any other query.