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IMR Regulations PhD corona extensions

Regulations for corona-based contract extensions for internal PhD candidates [1]

The IMR recognizes that there are cases in which Corona-related delays cannot be mitigated within the original contract. In these cases, the first supervisor can file a motivated request for contract extensions, building on documentation (e.g. in the annual appraisal forms) of corona delay and attempts to avoid or mitigate negative effects. Therefore, it is paramount that, via the yearly appraisal, you build up a dossier that shows which COVID-19 related challenges you discussed, which solutions you considered, and which solutions were implemented. This regulation applies to PhD candidates who started their PhD trajectory after December 31, 2017 and before January 1, 2022.

Corona extension requests need to be signed by the head of department and are assessed by the Vice Dean of Research in conjunction with HR and the Head of the Doctoral School. These requests can be made via an email with this form to the Vice Dean of Research (jan-kees.helderman@ru.nl), with HR (hr@fm.ru.nl), Kristina Lauche (kristina.lauche@ru.nl), and your department's operations manager in CC after the Planning the Final Year Meeting with the IMR Doctoral School [2].

The IMR guarantees 3 months of extension for all PhD candidates with an employee contract with the UFO profile ‘PhD Candidate’ who have a valid claim. If the impact of corona has led to more delay, and this can be substantiated, the first supervisor can apply for more than 3 months of extension up to 6 months. Funding for the extensions in excess of 6 months needs to come from departmental funds.

Please note that the possibilities for extension for candidates with a different UFO profile (such as Junior Lecturer/PhD Candidate) differ due to collective labor agreements and legislation. Your first supervisor can request HR for an advice on the legal possibilities for a contract extension.