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Life after your PhD

Post-doctoral research funding

Although you may have just begun your project, it is not too early to learn about the various possibilities for continuing your career after graduation, at Radboud University and beyond. You may wish to remain in an academic environment, seeking further financing and an academic position. Or you may wish to embark on a new career, using your research experience and expertise – as well the many transferrable skills you have accumulated – to pursue new challenges.

Those wishing to pursue an academic career may consider applying for one of the prestigious grants that are targeted to recent graduates. In the Netherlands, the NWO offers the VENI and the Rubicon grants. The European Union offers the Marie Curie grant scheme to young researchers wishing to gain international work experience. Obtaining one of these competitive grants has almost become a pre-requisite for a successful academic career. It is therefore wise to prepare in advance, and already start to do so at an early stage in your doctoral training. “Preparations” can include publications, research visits, awards, and other achievements that can increase your chances of being eligible.

Thus, discussing such plans with your supervisors early on in your training may be helpful in this respect. Please consult this presentation (pdf, 894 kB) for more information about building an academic profile.

For more information on the Veni grant, click here.

For more information on the Rubicon grant, click here.

For more information on the Marie Curie grants, click here:

Academic Transfer

Academic Transfer is an Internet portal for Master students, PhD candidates, scientists and academic researchers. The portal contains a wide range of job openings at universities, research centres and businesses. Visit this link for more information.

TRAP network

The TRAP network (Temporary Academic Personnel of the Radboud University) organises lectures, seminar/lunches and meetings to promote activities that may benefit your career. For more details, click here.


As a former member of the IMR Doctoral School, you will be a Nijmegen School of Management alumnus. The Alumni Board and the Alumni Officer aim to improve and strengthen the connections between the NSM and its alumni. To this end, they organise various alumni activities, including informal gatherings, reunions with other graduates and former colleagues and lectures and symposia. After obtaining their doctorate titles, IMR PhD candidates will automatically receive invitations to these events. For more information, contact the NSM Alumni Officer, Jitske Rassa.