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PhD Education

The IMR recommends that PhD candidates take a minimum of 840 hours worth of courses, addressing content related topics, methods skills, and transferrable skills. Deciding on a distribution of courses that would best fit your research topic and skill set will still fall to you and your supervisor(s) and is typically addressed when drafting/adjusting your Training and Supervision Plan.

Radboud University gROW PhD Courses

Radboud University offers PhD candidates a wide range of courses, covering scientific skills, research methodology, transferrable skills, personal effectiveness, career development, and coaching.

The IMR covers the costs for these Radboud PhD-specific courses, and all PhD candidates can take part in them free of charge. For more information and registration, consult this webpage.

IMR workshops and events

The Doctoral School organizes workshops and events. You can add (the hours of) some of these workshops and events to your TSP. These are (including the hours):

IMR PhD Induction Meeting 4 hours
IMR Workshop Research Data Management 4 hours
IMR Workshop Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity

11 hours

NSM Library Workshop Efficiently searching for literature in academic databases 4 hours
NSM Library Workshop Conducting and publishing a (systematic) review 5 hours
IMR Workshop SAC PhD Research Proposal and its Defense 1 hour

If you have any suggestions for workshops or events, please contact the IMR Doctoral School.

RU and NSM Library Workshops

In addition to the IMR Workshops ‘NSM Library Workshop Efficiently searching for literature in academic databases’ and ‘NSM Library Workshop Conducting and publishing a (systematic) review’ mentioned above, the RU and NSM Libraries offer other courses relevant for PhD candidates. Please consult this webpage for an overview of their courses. See here for their Atlas.ti courses.

IMR Method Clinics

The IMR Method Clinics are monthly informal meetings to discuss the methodological challenges IMR researchers encounter in their research. The clinic takes place in the last week of each month. The IMR Academy sends out a call at the beginning of each month.

The Radboud Summer School and the Summer School in Social Research Methods

The Radboud Summer School is a general event, which offers various courses. Part of this is the Summer School in Social Research Methods, which is a Methods Excellence Network Event hosted by the Nijmegen School of Management.

Language Courses

PhD candidates can take English or Dutch courses free of charge – see here for an overview.

Free writing coaching sessions at the Radboud Writing Lab

The Radboud Writing Lab offers five yearly writing  coaching sessions free of charge. They also organize writing days and weeks.

Research schools

“The IMR is a member of several national and international research schools. PhD candidates in most disciplines within the IMR are also enrolled in these research schools and are encouraged to take courses in light of the skills they need to develop as part of their training programme. Below, you will find a list of the research schools with links to their websites.

Radboud University Bachelor's and Master's Courses

You can also request to enroll in Bachelor and Master courses offered at the RU. For an overview of available courses, you can consult the RU course guides.

If you want to take a Master course at our Faculty, NSM, please contact stip@fm.ru.nl. If you plan to take an official exam for an NSM course, you need to contact NSM STIP well in advance of the exam.

For courses at other faculties, you need to contact that faculty. Please contact the IMR Doctoral Officer via phd@fm.ru.nl if you run into problems while trying to enroll in a master course at another faculty.

Overview of additional courses and summer schools

Here, you can find an overview of additional PhD-level courses and summer/winter courses that may be of interest to you.