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PhD support

IMR Doctoral School

If a PhD candidate experiences a problem or conflict with any of their supervisors that cannot be solved between the candidate and the supervisors, the PhD candidate can contact the IMR Doctoral School to address the problem.

Guidance, advice and complaints

Radboud University helps students and staff who need help to successfully complete their studies or work comfortably. Here, you can find an overview of the support that you can make use of.

If a PhD candidate encounters behavior that feels undesirable, they can discuss this with their supervisor and/or one of the RU confidential advisers. Information on the RU confidential advisers can be found here.

Occupational health physician, occupational social worker, and campus psychologist

All IMR PhD candidates can make an appointment with an Occupational Health Physician, Absenteeism Consultant, or Occupational Social Worker. This is always possible, even if you are not ill but want to ask questions regarding your health in relation to your work. For questions and appointments, please contact the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Service.

All PhD candidates can also make an appointment with a RU Campus Psychologist.