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Measuring Patient Satisfaction with Root Cause Analysis after Sentinel Events in Dutch Hospitals

In services, small mistakes and human errors (service failures) are inevitable and often not very consequential. Customers complain, and the firm tries to correct the failure during service recovery. Often, this is quite easy. Sometimes, however, the service failure is far more serious and consequential, and more difficult to recover from, like in the context of hospital cure and care. Sentinel events are when some kind of medical error caused serious injury to, or even the demise of the patient.

Unfortunately, even the best hospitals encounter sentinel events. Hospitals are required by law to investigate and report these sentinel events to the Dutch authorities in a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). This RCA is however, (somewhat) different in almost all hospitals. There has not yet evolved a “best practice”.
So there is a need among many hospitals to be able to measure the satisfaction of patients and family with the RCA procedure (the recovery process and the report) to improve the procedure. Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in Nijmegen is collaborating with IMR researchers to develop such an instrument.

Project members

Dr Herm Joosten
Prof. José Bloemer


Canisius-Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (Dr Carla Veldkamp, Corinne Ardts-Weersink)


2018 - 2019