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Strategic Commoning: strategy formation in communities addressing wicked problems related to sustainable development

This research project seeks to understand the nature of strategy formation in communities. It is based on the emergence of regional communities engaging in collective action to address issues related to sustainable development. In these communities, collaborating civilians, organisations, and institutions establish common projects, products, and services on local and regional levels. Constituents in these communities contribute to collaborative solutions for multi-faceted, ‘wicked’ problems by investing various means and resources. The collaborating parties establish goals, plan actions, and engage in processes of strategy formation.

The ambition of this research is to develop a process model for strategy development in these communities. In doing so, this research inserts a strategiv perspective to Elinor Ostrom’s theory of collective action.

The research project is based on an exploratory, qualitative research design using grounded theory methodology (GTM). By the detection of strategic action situations in communities, and the recognition and analysis of patterns in the development of these strategic action situations this research aims to generate a theory on strategy formation in communities.

Project members

Moniek Kamm
Prof. Jan Jonker
Niels Faber


Saxion University of Applied Sciences


2015 - 2020