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'Why the best candidate is often a man'

Excellent scientists who have had a lot of experience working abroad: this describes the ideal new colleague in the academic world. PhD candidate Channah Herschberg examined the recruitment and selection of young talent and the (in)equality between male and female candidates. Read more.

‘Moving is human; we’re all migrants’

In her PhD research, geographer Kolar Aparna is looking at how refugees are received in Europe, while at the same time challenging the way in which our knowledge about asylum seekers and their migration actually comes about. Read more.

‘We can learn a lot from the ‘forgotten’ German revolution’

The November Revolution in Germany in 1918 is also known as the ‘forgotten revolution’. Undeservedly, according to historian Gaard Kets who has delved into the subject for his PhD research at the Political Science department. Read more.

'Does the free market encourage lying and cheating?'

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. And wherever there’s business, you’ll find morally reprehensible behaviour. Economist and PhD candidate Annemiek Schilpzand is trying to unravel the relationship between the market and morality. Read more.