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Gender and Climate Change: Toward Socially Just and Gender-Sensitive Climate Change Governance (Seminar)

Monday 26 September 2022Add to my calendar
16:00 to
EOS 01.320
Hot Spot Gender and Power in Politics and Management
Annica Kronsell, University of Gothenburg

Climate change is recognized as one of the most urgent threats to human survival and to global security. While a crises discourse may encourage action, it risks overlooking that all individuals are neither equally effected, nor accountable or implicated in the politics of climate change. With the help of critical feminist theory the talk outlines how climate relevant social factors such as gender, location, class and age are relevant for climate governance. It zooms in on the political and administrative institutions with the responsibility for climate action. It use feminist institutional theory, with lessons from research on Sweden. Like Sweden, industrialised states in the Global North have a particular responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions but also have the resources and the institutional capacity to become green equal welfare states. However, path-dependencies relating to ecological modernization and the dominance of technical masculinities construct differential subjectivities and agency in contemporary climate governance. This has material consequences – e.g. who is affected, who is assigned responsibility – as well as immaterial – e.g. how is vulnerability and agency understood in climate governance. While there is an increasing awareness of these effects on a general level in climate governance, implementation in practical policymaking is lacking. Further steps towards an intersectional awareness are needed for inclusive and equal climate policies and the talk ends with some suggestions.

Jutta Joachim