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Hotspot TransAct. Seminar series on Transformative ideas: Dr. Dick Timmer on Limitarianism

Monday 8 May 2023Add to my calendar
15:30 to
EOS 1.525

Limitarianism is the view that people should not have more than a certain amount of resources (Robeyns 2017). In this presentation, I will introduce and defend economic limitarianism, according to which people should not have more than a certain amount of wealth. I defend three reasons in favour of such limitarianism. First, extreme wealth upsets democratic institutions and political equality. Second, improving the lives of people who have unmet urgent needs is more valuable, morally speaking, than people’s ability to acquire extreme wealth. Third, though arguments about desert and incentives can justify inequality, they cannot justify the current wealth inequality. Moreover, I discuss how the wealth limit might be determined, and explore some possible implications for policy-making and public design.

This presentation will be open to everyone at the University: staff and students from all faculties. No need to register. Do not hesitate to share in your networks!

Contact: transact@ru.nl