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Workshop: Histories of Economics Inside and Outside

Monday 5 June 2023 until Tuesday 6 June 2023Add to my calendar
Radboud University

Economics as, arguably, the most influential social and policy science, has been a fascinating topic of historical and critical reflection. For the most part, this reflection has been undertaken by historians of economics. However, the history of economic ideas is increasingly studied by various scholars in the humanities and other social sciences who are motivated to do so by the influence of economic thinking on our culture and society. Our aim is to make visible the work done in various communities, to learn from their diverse experiences, to start a dialogue and seek for possibilities of convergence. In this workshop, supported by the New Initiatives Fund of the History of Economics Society, we bring together historians of economics with scholars from a variety of disciplines, from intellectual history and comparative literature to anthropology, political philosophy and sociology, to study the historical contexts and the present significance of the key economic concepts such as markets, commons, rationality, economic policy and governmentality.

The workshop is organized by Ivan Boldyrev (Radboud University) and Erwin Dekker (George Mason University),

with the participation of Joseph Albernaz (Columbia University); Sonja Amadae (University of Helsinki); Eleanore Courtemanche (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Verena Halsmayer (University of Lucerne); Kevin Hoover (Duke University); Pavel Kuchař (King’s College London); Andreas Langenohl (University of Giessen); Alex Morales (University of Georgia); Edward Nik-Khah (Roanoke College); José Ossandón (Copenhagen Business School); Daniel Zamora Vargas (Université Libre de Bruxelles); Tetiana Zemliakova (European University Institute).

If you wish to participate, please send an e–mail, before the 31st of May, to Ivan Boldyrev (ivan.boldyrev@ru.nl)