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Armand Smits receives NWO/SIA-KIEM grant

Date of news: 18 May 2021

Armand Smits (Business Administration), together with the HAN Lean-QRM Center, will research how business models in the manufacturing industry that are strongly inspired by the Lean philosophy can be changed into more circular business models. An NWO/SIA-KIEM grant will support this research.

Blind spots

Product Architecture Mapping (PAM) is a Lean tool that supports manufacturing firms in the development of new products and services. The emphasis is on modularity and co-creating value with customers. PAM has proven its worth, but there are blind spots. For example, little attention is paid to the business organization around new products and services: value propositions are only seen to a limited extent in conjunction with other essential business model components. For example, a new product or service can benefit from a new earnings model or different competences of employees. PAM also pays little attention to alternative forms of value.

Holistic and future-proof

Technological and social developments and the increasing importance of sustainability and circularity make it increasingly urgent to tackle the limitations of PAM. The research in this project − carried out in collaboration with various manufacturing firms − forms the basis for the development of a more holistic and future-proof instrument. The project therefore supports organizational developments towards circular business models. It will also create new input for education.