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Christine Mohrmann Stipend for eleven women PhD candidates

Date of news: 29 March 2023

Eleven female PhD candidates from Radboud University will receive a Christine Mohrmann Stipend on Tuesday 28 March. On behalf of Nijmegen School of Management, Sara Arts was among the winners.

The aim of the stipend is to encourage PhD candidates to continue their academic careers after the completion of their thesis. The stipend worth 5000 euros gives them the opportunity, for example, to spend a period at a university abroad or to deepen their research in another way.

Sara Arts investigates decision-making processes of individuals when they face different types of complex decisions. In life, there are many occasions when people may not be completely certain about their decisions. This can be due to the complexity of the decision situation, or the difficulty with evaluating the choice options. In her research she combines various data sources, including self-collected experimental data, panel data, and administrative data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Sara will use the stipend to visit Birmingham University, where she will present and discuss her research projects. The faculty congratulates Sara on winning this stipend.

Since 1990, the Executive Board of Radboud University has awarded the Christine Mohrmann Stipends (until 2015: Frye stipends) annually to promising women PhD candidates. The eleven laureates of 2023 are: Alicia Castro, Carmen Schleijpen, Emmie Hoebens, Klara Raiber, Nelleke Brouwer, Nina de Boer, Michelle Jansen, Sofía Forchieri, Sabine Schootemeijer, Sara Arts and Xinyue Li.

Photo (from left to right): Nelleke Brouwer, Emmie Hoebens, Michelle Jansen, Carmen Schleijpen, Klara Raiber, Xinyue Li, Sabine Schootemeijer, Sara Arts, Nina de Boer & Alicia Castro. Not in the picture: Sofía Forchieri