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Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers speaks with the Prime Minister

Date of news: 12 December 2019

Do not meet with the sectors separately, but look for solutions to the sustainability challenges together. That was the outcome of the meeting between Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister Carola Schouten, nature conservationists, and scientists on Wednesday 11 December. Professor Ingrid-Visseren Hamakers, Environmental Governance and Politics, was also a part of the discussion. “A special but particularly worthwhile conversation.”


The meeting in the Catshuis was the third in a series. It was triggered by the nitrogen crisis, which is driving a wedge between farmers and growers, and nature conservationists. “The most important outcome is that all those invited argue that solutions should not be examined per sector, but as a whole - in a coalition of the willing,” says Visseren. “This coalition of the willing should bring stakeholders together who want to collectively work towards a sustainable society.”

Sustainable world

Although the nitrogen crisis was the trigger, the conversation was more in depth. Visseren: “All the discussion participants came with an open attitude. They set the crisis mode aside for a moment to think about a transformation towards a sustainable society and economy.” This is the professor’s greatest desire. In an interview with Radboud Recharge she already stated that people are good at causing problems. “But making choices focused on sustainability and a better world requires a different way of thinking and acting.”