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Yvonne Benschop top author in prestigious journal

Date of news: 20 May 2021

Professor Yvonne Benschop is the most productive author of the last 25 years in the Gender, Work and Organization journal. She is also the most cited author and occupies a central position in the authors’ network. Radboud University as an institution also scores very high, as apparent from an analysis of the journal.

Gender, Work and Organization (GWO) was launched in 1994 and went on to become the leading journal on gender issues in work and organization. “I remember the journal being launched at the first conference I ever attended as a young researcher,” says Yvonne Benschop, Professor in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Organizational Behaviour. “The journal has really blossomed since then. It’s now the highest ranking journal in women’s studies and also scores very high in management and business rankings. Gender, Work and Organization fits me like a glove: most of my research and teaching is on this topic.”

Central position and most citations

A bibliometric analysis was recently used to map all the journal’s editions of the past 25 years. This analysis gives insight in the publication activity and citation trends of the most prominent authors, institutions and countries. It also shows how authors, universities and countries are linked. The analysis shows that of all authors, Benschop has produced the most articles for GWO in the past 25 years. She is also the most cited author and occupies a central position in the authors’ network.

Benschop is happy with the results. “I know that I publish a lot in this journal, but I was still surprised to find out that I was the author with the most output and citations. There are so many other people working in this field, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon world. I am especially pleased about my central position within the authors’ network and the number of citations. This shows that my articles are actually being used.”

Radboud University scores high

According to the analysis, Radboud University ranks eighth on the list of institutions with most publications to their name. This makes the Nijmegen university one of two non-English speaking universities in the top 10, and the only Dutch university in the top 20. A fantastic result, says Benschop. “The level in Nijmegen is really high and our research matches this interdisciplinary journal. Interdisciplinarity is really a Nijmegen characteristic, not only at our faculty, but across the whole university.”