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Todays' societies face complex challenges. At the Institute of Management Research researchers study how organisations and governments govern and manage complex problems in their endeavour towards more sustainable societies.

  • We work from both disciplinary and multidisciplinary angles;
  • We are aiming for not only achieving academic results but also practical solutions;
  • We often conduct research in cooperation with or for societal parties: co-creating knowledge for society.

IMR hosts four departments that each have their own perspective on societal challenges.

Geography, Planning and Environment

GPE research seeks to provide deep understandings of how places, from the local to global level, are politically and materially shaped, experienced and governed, and to contribute to the development of more sustainable and equitable places. Read more


Business Administration

The research programme of Business Administration addresses the multiple values underlying responsibility, the conditions required to realize those values and the interventions geared to the transition of organisations toward responsible organizations. Read more

Public Administration and Political Science

The department of Public Administration and Political Science conducts cutting edge research into the challenges that policymakers face today. Globalization has affected the ability of governments to shape developments in their respective societies. Read more

Economics and Business Economics

Economics and Business Economics at Radboud University is Economics+. We deliver out-of-the-box thinking economists who make use of the standard repertoire of economics theories and methods but also integrate related theories and methods from other disciplines such as psychology, sociology and political science. Read more