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First meeting seminar series 'The Responsible Organisation'

Date of news: 6 July 2022

On Thursday 23 June, the first meeting of the seminar series 'The Responsible Organisation' (ResOrg) took place in the chapel of the Berchmanianum. Employees were inspired by Dr. Annabel Hofer from the University of Bern (Switzerland) who explained her work on sustainable careers. The results of her research 'Conceptualizing career insecurity: Toward a better understanding and measurement of a multidimensional construct' offer theoretical and practical implications for individual career planning, career guidance, and career management in organizations.

Join the discussion: what does Responsible Organisation mean to you?

ResOrg seminars will take place on a regular basis and are primarily intended for Business Administration employees to meet and discuss topics related to Responsible Organisation. For each seminar, an internal speaker or guest scientist will give an inspiring lecture. Simone Ritter, Associate Professor of Marketing and coordinator of the ResOrg seminars: “While we all research Responsible Organisation, we do this from different theoretical angles, in different contexts, and through different methodological approaches. The ResOrg seminar series allows us to share what ResOrg really means to each of us, and how we - as individuals and as a group - can best fulfill our ResOrg vision and provide related research activities, with colleagues and international guests”.

The department hopes to involve employees in the ResOrg seminar series through various activities, such as lectures, discussion walks, workshops, and writing days. Employees from other disciplines are also very welcome to join activities.

The next ResOrg seminar will be held on 22 September 2022. For more information visit the Business Administration website or contact Simone Ritter (simone.ritter@ru.nl).