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Research programme

Our interdisciplinary research programme Responsible Organisation addresses the multiple values underlying responsibility, the conditions required to realize those values and the interventions geared to the transition of organisations toward responsible organizations. We co-create knowledge with multiple stakeholders in the wider community to ensure the impact of our scholarly work.

Research themes

In order to deliver a responsible contribution, organisations should take the following three issues into account. These themes are linked and inspire the Business Administration research.


1. Setting responsible goals

We want to understand the responsible goals articulated by organisations. And also: how is this process of articulation organised? In organisational practice, there tend to be multiple goals, with varying degrees of responsibility and possible tensions and contradictions between them. The setting of responsible goals does not occur in a vacuum, and entails, among others, adequate  relationship management with stakeholders and managing stakeholder networks.

2. Providing organisational conditions

To function, networks of organisations need three sets of conditions: knowledge and skillful human resources that act within a cooperative organisational culture, adequate technological means, and a facilitating organisational structure. We study these conditions on three levels: at the level of the individual, the level of teams/departments, and the level of the ecosystem of organisations.

3. Transforming organisations into responsible ones

Three questions guide this research theme: how can (networks of) organisations change into (more) responsible organisations? How does responsibility relate to and evolve in organisational routines and practices? And: how do issues of responsibility at the institutional level and the organisational level affect each other?

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