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Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers spoke in the Second Chamber about National Growth Fund

Date of news: 10 November 2020

Professor of Environmental of Environmental Policy and Politics Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers was recently invited to the Dutch Second Chamber to discuss the National Growth Fund. By creating this National Growth Fund, the government wants to make 20 billion euros available to stimulate economic growth. Projects will be initiated in the areas of knowledge development, research & development, and innovation & infrastructure.

During a round table discussion, Visseren-Hamakers advised the other participants about investments. She emphasised in her position paper that environmental policy should not only focus on climate, but also on biodiversity and pollution. She also hopes the objective of the fund will be changed from growth to comprehensive wellbeing and that the investments will benefit projects focusing on fundamental sustainability. This is because such projects focus on social problems underlying non-sustainable behaviour, such as our consumption patterns.