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Title: Diversity Improvement as a Viable Enrichment Resource for Society and Economy (DIVERSE)

Project description:

For the Netherlands to keep its competitive edge as an internationally-oriented knowledge economy, it is essential that individual skills and competences of all workers are fully used in the Dutch labour market. In the progression of globalisation, this involves an ever larger number of Third Countries Nationals (TCNs) – people not holding citizenship of an EU country. Despite the important contribution of migrants - TCNs and EU citizens alike - to the Dutch economy, this group is often perceived as having sub-ordinate professional skills and competences compared to natives, which results in their talents not being fully used. Particularly TCNs experience barriers in accessing the labour market and in their further professional development. What measures can be taken to recognize and better make use of their skills, knowledge and competences?

The DIVERSE project provides a contribution to the labour market integration of TCNs in the Netherlands. The research activities are carried out as part of an international comparative research, implemented in ten European countries and funded by the European Integration Fund. In the Netherlands we concentrate on four activities: The policies and practices with regard to the recognition of skills, knowledge and competences (SKC) of TCNs; the cultural diversity management practices of ten organisations (public, profit and non-profit) in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen; the participation of TCNs in voluntary organisations; the final activity entails the development of an audit tool to support TCNs in their objective assessment and recognition of their competences to foster their participation on the labour market.

Start date: 01-12-2013

End date: 01-06-2015

Funding party: European Commission, Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals

Project members: Dr. Pascal Beckers, Dr. Roos Pijpers

Contact: p.beckers@fm.ru.nl or r.pijpers@fm.ru.nl

More information:

DIVERSE Report Skills recognition, diversity management and voluntary work with regard to Third Country Nationals in the Netherlands (pdf, 2,2 MB)

Policy brief RU 'Fostering labour market integration of Third Country Nationals in the Netherlands' (pdf, 1,1 MB)

Policy brief RU 'Fostering equal treatment of Third Country Nationals in the Netherlands'.pdf (pdf, 1,3 MB)