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SimsCity ValueCap

Title: SimsCity ValueCap – Simulations for Innovative Mechanisms for the Self-organizing City: testing new tools for Value Capturing

Project description:

To regenerate ‘mature’ European cities, urban transformation of e.g. brownfield sites, inner-city shopping areas, waterfront and dockland areas and post-war social housing neighborhoods has become a powerful, but often also problematic strategy. Effective governance and value capturing strategies, particularly those that promote private-private collaboration, are important to improve the results of these projects. International policy transfer of successful strategies and tools seems attractive, but is not without problems.

The main objectives of this project are therefore to investigate internationally (1) the effectiveness of self-organizing governance and finance strategies for urban transformation and (2) the possibilities for policy transfer of effective strategies and tools. The project will build on the results of a number of recently finished and on-going (international) research projects focusing on innovations in governance and finance strategies for land and property development and structural changes in the structures of building provision. Behavioral game theoretical simulations and experiments will be applied, to test strategies that promote private-private collaboration in urban transformation.

The project will develop a new 2.0 version of the global online experimental platform (GXP) for analyzing both cross-country policy transfer of these strategies within Europe and institutional and cultural factors that may block a successful transfer.

Start date: 01-10-2014

End date: 30-10-2017

Funding party: Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe

Sign-up for our first experiment!

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Interested in Dutch planning culture? and how is it compared with Belgian, Norwegian and British practices? We cordially invite you to be part of this investigation with us.

The registration link for our experiment about Dutch planning culture has been open. It is an internet-based decision-making experiment with practitioners working in planning, land development and related fields. This experiment consists of three sessions and we will send you invitation e-mail to each session respectively. You can participate in from a computer of your choosing, be it at work or home, and will only require short investments in time. All data are strictly confidential and will be used exclusively for academic research purposes. In return for your cooperation we will be very happy to share the results of all international experiments with you.

For sign-up, there are two entries for participants from either public or private sector. Please click on the right entry in which you are currently and primarily working.

Public entry: click here

Private entry: click here

Project members:

  • Prof. dr. Erwin van der Krabben (project coordinator),
  • Prof. dr. Utz Weitzel,
  • Dr. ir. Ary Samsura,
  • Keyang Li.
  • University of Liverpool: Dr. Alexander Lord, Dr. Yiquan Gu, John Farrell.
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences: Associate Prof. dr. Berit Nordahl, Prof. dr. Erling Berge, Anders Eika
  • University of Liege: Prof. dr. Jean-Marie Halleux, Perrine Dethier

Contact:  e.vanderkrabben@fm.ru.nl or d.samsura@fm.ru.nl or k.li@fm.ru.nl

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