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Publications 2020

Here you find an overview of the publications from the staff of the Department of Policitical Science in 2020.

Peer reviewed articles

Ahrens, Petra & Anna van der Vleuten. Fish Fingers and Measles? Assessing Complex Gender Equality in the Scenarios for the Future of Europe, Journal of Common Market Studies (58)2, 2020, 292-308.

Alcorta, Ludovico, Haley J. Swedlund, & Jeroen Smits. Discrimination and ethnic conflict: a dyadic analysis of politically-excluded groups in sub-Saharan Africa. International Interactions (46)2 , 2020, 251-273.

Alcorta, Ludovico, Jeroen Smits, Haley J. Swedlund, & Eelke de Jong. The ‘Dark Side’of Social Capital: A Cross-National Examination of the Relationship Between Social Capital and Violence in Africa. Social Indicators Research (149)2, 2020, 445–465.

Alons, Gerry. The Advantage of Paradigmatic Contestation in Shaping and Selling Public Policies, Journal of Public Policy (40)4, 2020, 651 – 671.

Bartels, Tom & Thomas Eimer. From consent to consultation: Indigenous self-determination and the new environmental constitutionalism, Environmental Politics (29)2, 2020, 235-256.

Cooper, D., Kondakov, A., Molitor, V., Quinan, C.L. & Anna van der Vleuten, A. State Regimes of Gender: Legal Aspects of Gender Identity Registration, Trans Relevant Policies and Quality of LGBTIQ Lives: A Roundtable Discussion. International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law 1(1), 2020, 377-402.

de Graaff, Miriam C., Ellen Giebels, & Desiree Verweij. On moral grounds: Moral identity and moral disengagement in relation to military deployment. Military Psychology 32(4), 2020, 363-375.

Eimer, Thomas. What if the Subaltern Speaks? Traditional Knowledge Policies in Brazil and India. Third World Quarterly (41)1, 2020: 96-112.

Elayah, Moosa, & Willemijn Verkoren, Civil society during war: the case of Yemen. Peacebuilding (8)4, 2020, 476-498.

Geurkink, Bram, Kristof Jacobs, Roderick Sluiter, & Andrej Zaslove, Populist Attitudes, Political Trust, and External Political Efficacy: Old Wine in New Bottles? Political Studies (68)1, 2020: 247-267.

Jacobs, Kristof, Linn Sandberg, L., & Niels Spierings. Twitter and Facebook: Populists’ double-barreled gun? New Media & Society 22(4), 2020, 611-633.

Johnson Restrepo, D. Dylan, Michael Spagat, Stijn van Weezel, Minzhang Zheng & Neil F. Johnson. A computational science approach to understanding human conflict. Journal of Computational Science (48) 2020. Article number 101088.

Kok, Niek & Bertjan Verbeek. Individual leadership and effective small state foreign policy: Luxembourg and the seat of the European institutions, Acta Politica (55)1, 2020: 67-85.

Malejacq, Romain & Adam Sandor. Sahelistan? Military Intervention and Patronage Politics in Afghanistan and Mali. Civil Wars (22)4, 2020, 543-566.

Maystadt, Jean-François, Valerie Mueller, Jamon Van Den Hoek and Stijn van Weezel. Vegetation changes attributable to refugees in Africa coincide with agricultural deforestation. Environmental Research Letters (15)4,2020. Article no. 044008.

Meijers, Maurits J., and Christopher J. Williams. When shifting backfires: the electoral consequences of responding to niche party EU positions. Journal of European Public Policy (27)10, 2020, 1506-1525.

Muehlenhoff, Hanna L., Anna van der Vleuten & Natalie Welfens. Slipping Off or Turning the Tide? Gender Equality in European Union’s External Relations in Times of Crisis, Policy Studies review (18)3, 2020, 322-328.

Polman, Daniel. Participation of Implementing Agencies in European Administrative Networks Journal of Common Market Studies (58)4, 2020, 818-835.

Reinalda, Bob. Institutional Development of the United Nations Secretariat, Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations (26)2, 2020, 325–339.

Schmitz, Luuk & Thomas R. Eimer. From coherence to coheritization: explaining the rise of policy coherence in EU external policy, Globalizations (17)4, 2020, 629-647.

Soto-Lafontaine, Melisa. From Medical to Human-Rights Norms: Examining the Evolution of Trans Norms in the Netherlands, Politics and Governance (8)3, 2020, 290–300.

Spagat, Michael, Stijn van Weezel, D. Dylan Johnson Restrepo, Minzhang Zhengd & Neil F. Johnson, Unifying casualty distributions within and across conflicts, Heliyon (6)8, 2020. Article number e04808.

Swedlund, Haley J. & Malte Lierl. The rise and fall of budget support: Ownership, bargaining and donor commitment problems in foreign aid. Development Policy Review (38)1, 2020, 50-69.

Tempels, Tjidde, Vincent Blok & Marcel Verweij. Injustice in Food-Related Public Health Problems: A Matter of Corporate Responsibility. Business Ethics Quarterly (30)3, 2020, 388-413.

Tempels, Tjidde, Vincent Blok & Marcel Verweij. Food Vendor Beware! On Ordinary Morality and Unhealthy Marketing. Food Ethics (5) 2020. Article number 3.

Tchatchoua-Djomo, Rosine, Gemma van der Haar, Han van Dijk & Mathijs van Leeuwen. Intricate links: Displacement, ethno-political conflict, and claim-making to land in Burundi. Geoforum (109) 2020, 143-151.

Tchatchoua‐Djomo, Rosine, Mathijs van Leeuwen & Gemma van der Haar. Defusing Land Disputes? The Politics of Land Certification and Dispute Resolution in Burundi. Development and Change (51)6, 2020, 1454-1480.

Van der Haar, Gemma, Mathijs van Leeuwen & Lotje de Vries. Claim making as social practice – Land, politics and conflict in Africa, Geoforum (109), 2020, 111-114.

Van der Vleuten, Anna. Contestations of Transgender Rights and/in the Strasbourg Court. Politics and Governance 8(3), 2020, 278-289.

Van der Vleuten, Anna & Anouka van Eerdewijk. The Fragmented Inclusion of Gender Equality in AU-EU Relations in Times of Crises. Political Studies Review (18)3, 2020, 444-459.

Van Leeuwen, Mathijs, Joseph Nindorera, Jean-Louis Kambale Nzweve & Corita Corbijn, C. The ‘local turn’ and notions of conflict and peacebuilding–Reflections on local peace committees in Burundi and eastern DR Congo. Peacebuilding (8)3, 2020, 279-299.

Van Weezel, Stijn. Local warming and violent armed conflict in Africa. World Development (126), 2020. Article number  104708.

Verloo, Mieke & Anna van der Vleuten. Trans* Politics: Current Challenges and Contestations Regarding Bodies, Recognition, and Trans* Organising, Politics and Governance (8)3, 2020, 223–230.

Chapters in peer reviewed books

Alons, Gerry. Agriculture and Environment: Greening or Greenwashing? In: Ramona Coman, Amandine Crespy & Viven Schmidt (eds) Governance and Politics in the PostCrisis European Union, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020, 140-158.

Castanho Silva, Bruno, Ioannis Andreadis, Eva Anduiza, Nebošja Blanuša, Yazmin Morlet Corti, Gisela Delfino,  Saskia Ruth-Lovell, Bram Spruyt, Marco Steenbergen & Levente Littvay. Public opinion surveys: a new measure. In Kirk Hawkins et al (eds) The Ideational Approach to Populism: Concept, Theory, and Analysis, London: Routledge, 2020, pp. 150-177.

Gerlak, Andrea K., Thomas Eimer, Marie-Claire Brisbois, Megan Mills-Novoa, Luuk Schmitz, Jorrit Luimers, and Paivi Abernethy. Power(ful) and Power(less): A Review of Power in the ESG Scholarship, in Michele M. Betsil, Tabitha M. Benney & Andrea Gerlak (eds) Agency in Earth System Governance, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020, 64-72.

Gerlak, Andrea, Michele M. Betsil & Thomas Eimer. Conclusion. Policy Implications of ESG–Agency Research and Reflections on the Road Ahead, in Michele M. Betsil, Tabitha M. Benney & Andrea Gerlak (ed): Agency in Earth Governance, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020, 183-197.

Giacomello, Giampiero & Bertjan Verbeek. Introduction: Middle Powers as the Ugly Ducklings in International Relations Theory, in Giampiero Giacomello & Bertjan Verbeek (eds), Middle Powers in Asia and Europe in the 21st Century, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2020, 1-11.

Giacomello, Giampiero & Bertjan Verbeek. Conclusion, in Giampiero Giacomello & Bertjan Verbeek (eds), Middle Powers in Asia and Europe in the 21st Century, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2020, 203-212.

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Joachim, Joachim & Andrea Schneiker. (Dis-)Empowered Military Masculinities? Recruitment of Veterans by PMSCs Through YouTube, in  Eva Moehlecke de Baseggio​, Olivia Schneider, Tibor Szvircsev Tresch (eds) Social Media and the Armed Forces. Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications. Springer, 2020, 95-109.

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Reinalda, Bob. Influential individuals, in Jean-Frederic Orin & Amandine Orsini (eds) Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance. London: Routledge, 2020, 128-131.

Roggeband, Conny, Anna van der Vleuten & Anouka van Eerdewijk. Feminist engagement with gender equality in regional governance, in Lars Engbers Pedersen, Adam Fejerskow, Signe Marie Cold-Ravnkilde (eds) Rethinking Gender Equality in Global Governance. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2020, 71-95.

Schneiker, Andrea, Anne Jenichen, and Jutta Joachim. Situating the Gender Mainstreaming Norm in Regional Organisations: Comparing the Incorporation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in the EU and OSCE. Rethinking Gender Equality in Global Governance. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2020, 97-120.

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Verbeek, Bertjan “The Bigger of the Smaller States” The Netherlands in Search of a Relevant Role in World Politics, in Giampiero Giacomello & Bertjan Verbeek (eds), Middle Powers in Asia and Europe in the 21st Century, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2020, 159-179.

Verbeek, Bertjan. The 1956 Suez Crisis as a Perfect Case for Crisis Research, in Eric Stern et al. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Crisis Analysis. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020, DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.1619.

Wigger, Angela & Rodrigo Fernandez. Shadow Banking and the Rise of Global Debt, in Christian Borch & Robert Woznitzer (eds), Routledge Handbook of Critical Finance Studies. New York: Routledge, 2020, 173-191.

Monographs, Edited Volumes, SpeciaL Issues, and Dissertations

Bernd Bonfert Allied Against Austerity Transnational Cooperation in European Anti-Austerity Movement, Doctoral Dissertation, 2020.

Marta Ehrich Neither new, nor heterarchic. Inter-organizational networks throughout the history of the Dutch paper and board industry Doctoral Dissertation, 2020.

Giacomello, Giampiero & Bertjan Verbeek (eds) Middle Powers in the 21st Century, Lanham: Lexington/Rowman & Littlefield, 2020.

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Molendijk, Tine. Soldiers in Conflict: Moral Injury, Political Practices and Public Perceptions, Doctoral Dissertation, 2020.

Polman, Daniel. Return to sender? The mobilization, exchange, and use of domestic implementation experiences in new rounds of EU policymaking – insights from the Common Agricultural Policy, Doctoral Dissertation, 2020.

Reinalda, Bob. International Secretariats: Two Centuries of International Civil Servants and Secretariats, London: Routledge, 2020.

Muehlenhoff, Hanna L., Anna van der Vleuten & Natalie Welfens (eds). Slipping Off or Turning the Tide? Gender Equality in European Union’s External Relations in Times of Crisis. Special Issue of Political Studies Review, 18(3), 2020.

Stel, Nora. Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty: Refugee Governance in Lebanon. London: Routledge, 2020.

Van der Haar, Gemma, Lotte de Vries & Mathijs van Leeuwen (eds). Special issue on land claiming in Geoforum (149) 2020.

Van der Vleuten, Anna & Mieke Verloo (eds) Trans* Politics: Current Challenges and Contestations. Special Issue of Politics & Governance (8)3, 2020.

Policy reports and datasets

James, Toby, Garnett, Holly, Loeber, Leontine, and van Ham, Carolien. 2020. Building Better Elections. Results of the European Electoral Management Survey. Policy Report.

James, Toby, Garnett, Holly, Loeber, Leontine, and van Ham, Carolien. 2020. Comparative Structural Survey Election Management Bodies EMS (v1, European and International Data). https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/1X5FVB, Harvard Dataverse.

Meijers, Maurits & Andrej Zaslove. 2020. Populism and Political Parties Expert Survey 2019 (POPPA, v2). https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/8NEL7B, Harvard Dataverse.