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Research Impact

In its education and research programmes, Department of Political Science focuses on sustainable conflict resolution and sustainable democracy. In doing so, our mission is to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies (SDG 16). In our strategy of societal and academic impact we have two major ambitions:

1. To train the next generation of responsible citizens and academics who are likely to assume future leadership positions in both the public and private sphere locally, nationally, as well as globally.

  • Training our own students and PhDs
  • Reaching out to secondary schools and their teachers
  • Offering service to the political science profession

2. To help the current generation of responsible citizens to generate sustainable societies by (1) generating new knowledge regarding wicked problems in for instance climate change, conflict resolution, democratic erosion, diversity, and equality; (2) making them familiar with the (inter)national political environment in which they have to tackle these problems; (3) engage them in a discussion on the ethical tradeoffs involved.

  • Promoting an informed public debate
  • Training of, and co-creating new knowledge with, reflective stakeholders
  • Offering policy advice
  • Engaging alumni