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Ambition: training future citizens, academics, and leaders

Radboud Political Science prepares students and researchers for taking a leadership role in generating sustainable societies

Training our own students and PhDs

In our educational programmes we prepare our students in the awareness that they may occupy societal positions, for which the capacity to engage in critical thinking and carry out high-quality research is key. They need to be capable of assessing the quality of information, as well as the moral dilemmas involved, on the basis of which they may formulate advice or make decisions.

Reaching out to secondary schools and their teachers

Very much aware of the vital importance of elementary and secondary education we train a new generation of secondary school teachers of social studies (maatschappijleer/wetenschappen) in our educational master’s programme. Also, together with Radboud’s Pre-University College, we offer tailormade master’s classes on sustainable societies to interested secondary schools on campus or at the schools themselves.

Offering service to the political science profession

Recognizing that responsible governance for sustainable societies also requires academic citizenship, we help shape the future agenda of the profession. We do this by contributing to the governance of national and international professional organizations of the political science discipline, such as NKWP, ECPR, EISA, and ISA, and of scientific journals. Also, we contribute to scientific policy more generally by membership of, for instance, KNAW Young Academy (Van Ham), and KNAW Comenius network (Alons).