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Contemporary Organised Violence

Organised violence in the 21st Century may take the form of classical inter-state conflict or civil war, or may represent hybrid forms. It is vital to understand the nature of contemporary organized violence as well as the conditions of post-conflict stability. The Department excels in expertise on the role of international organisations, NGOs, private military companies and warlords in such situations.

Key projects

  • War in the 21st Century (Malejacq, Meibauer, Terpstra, Verbeek)
  • Civil society (Anholt, MvanLeeuwen, Snel, Swedlund, Verkoren)
  • Unconstitutional regime change (Swedlund)

External funding

This research theme is recognised in the awarding of an NWO/NWA grant to Verkoren in 2019 and NORFACE to Van Leeuwen (2018); the acquisition of 2 Marie Curie grants by Swedlund, and Malejacq, respectively; as well as the NWO VIDI grant awarded to Malejacq (2021).

Societal stakeholders

Governments in the Great Lakes region; Dutch Defence AcademyVeterans’ InstitutePolice AcademyPAXAdviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV)SIPRI, Stockholm; Médecins sans FrontièresAmnesty International