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Cooperation & Conflict in the World Political Economy

Due to globalization contemporary world politics has witnessed increased mobilization of stakeholders around conflicts over material and immaterial issues. Institutions, such as EU, IMF and World Bank, may serve as a vehicle or hindrance for such agents, thus affecting their perceived legitimacy. The Department offers excellent research on issues like trade, finance, climate change, and gender policies as well as the institutions surrounding such issue areas.

Key projects

  • Legitimacy of International Organisations (vanderVeer, Joachim, Verbeek,vd Vleuten, Alons, Meijers)
  • Political Economy of Climate Change (deRock, Wigger, Alons)
  • International NGOs (Joachim, Wigger, deRock, Alons, vdVleuten)

External funding

This research theme is recognized in the awarding of a Marie Curie grant to Alons (2017); a research grant to Joachim by the Swedish Research Council (2018); and the awarding of a research grant to Joachim by the Norwegian Research Council (2021).

Societal stakeholders

EU Directorate-General TradeEU Directorate-General AgricultureEuropean External Action ServiceGender Concerns International (NGO)European Women’s Lobby (NGO)