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Solutions for Sustainable Democracy

An understanding of contemporary challenges to democracy and representation offers insight into possibilities to renew and reinvent democracy, in order to meet such challenges. The department is known for its expertise in institutional trust; in the pros and cons of institutional reform, especially electoral reform; the development of forms of direct democracy (such as referenda), participatory budgeting and citizens’ juries.

Key projects

  • Democratic innovations (Jacobs; Lehr; vanHam; Manevska; Kets)

External funding

This research theme is recognized in the award to of an NWO VIDI award to Jacobs in 2019 and an National Science Agenda NWA award to Jacobs and van Ham in 2020. Over the past years it has been supported by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and the Gelderland Province. The NWO Comenius Grant (2020) awarded to Alons seeks to disseminate knowledge to future Secondary School teachers.

Societal stakeholders

Societal stakeholders include the Dutch Ministry of the Interior; Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management; the Gelderland Province; the cities of Nijmegen and DuivenRaad voor het Openbaar Bestuur (ROB); various political parties; Telders Foundation, and the Province of Flevoland