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The staff members of Public Administration and Political Science participate in a broad range of research projects. Some of our projects are listed here:

After implementation: feedback of implementation experiences 2013/18
Beyond Legal Compliance with EU Law 2016/18
Building a New Europe (BNE): The Causes and Consequences of ‘Integration by Stealth’ 2014/19
Closing the regulatory cycle? Ex-post legislative evaluation in the European Union 2013/18
Compliance bargaining over the application of EU state aid rules 2018/22
Donor-Government Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa (Partnership) 2014/19
Enhancing Local Peace Committees - facilitating stakeholder debate on the strategic choices involved in transitional justice in Burundi and DR Congo 2016
European, National and Transnational Industrial Relations: Visible and Invisible Hands in European and National Wage Setting (ENTIRE VIEW) 2018
Evaluation of the National Programme on Prevention ‘Everything is Health’ 2014/17
Ideas and Legitimating Discourse in EU and US Agricultural Policy-Making and their Implications for Transatlantic Trade Relations (AGRIDEASCOURSE.TRADE) 2016/19
Implementation of EU directives 2013/17
Land Conflicts, Local Governance and Decentralization in Post-Conflict Uganda, Burundi and Southern Sudan (Grounding Land Governance) 2011/15
Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments (LIPSE) 2013/16
Looking through the lens of land - Enhancing justice through land governance reform in DR Congo's eastern Kivu Provinces and South Sudan's Greater Equatoria Region (Land Governance Reform) 2014/16
Militarization 2.0: Militarization´s Social Media Footprint through a Gendered Lens 2012/16
Preparing for Brexit: a game-based exploration of the potential negotiation strategies 2017
State Fragmentation and Sub-State Actors Somalia and Afghanistan in Comparative Perspective (FRAGMENTATION) 2015/17
The Role of Administrative Networks in European Union Implementation 2017/21
The Transition of Social Services: Prospects and Constraints for Experimentalist Governance 2015/16
Third Sector Impact 2014-17
Understanding Responsiveness in European Union Politics 2017/-
Welfare Innovations at the Local level In favour of Cohesion (WILCO) 2010/14